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Wild Card of the Orchestra, Fine Art PRINT on canvas

Regular price $94.00

The Horn, often called the French Horn, is thought by many to be the most beautiful sounding instrument in the orchestra. and...

The Pig's Tale, Original Mixed Media Art

Regular price $147.00

In this modern mixed media painting, two plump young piglets snuggle each other. The warm coral pinks of the art...

Custom Fine Art Print ON CANVAS Signed Print Chosen from my portfolio

Regular price $123.00

Did you fall in love with my art someplace online that you must have? This listing is to custom order...

Dragonfly Dance, Fine Art Print

Regular price $24.00

Freshen your home decor with Dragonfly wall art with beautiful gold and graphic black dragonfly image on jade green and...

Playful Flamingo, Original Mixed Media Art

Regular price $147.00

There is a lot to notice about this original flamingo painting and you will appreciate something new each time you...

Purple Penguin Party, Original Mixed Media Art

Regular price $270.00

Are you looking for original penguin art ? This mixed media collage art on canvas pictures a family of penguins...