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Washi Tape: What is it good for?

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washi tape ideas
Washi tape is known as "masking tape" in Japan but they have brought masking tape to a whole new art form. Each roll of tape is made from rice paper and has a low adhesion, meaning you can place the pretty pieces on things and lift them off easily. 

Washi Tape Addicted

I am so addicted to these pretty rolls of tape and make lots of excuses to buy them and use them whenever I can from wrapping gifts, my online art sale and then I even incorporate them into my art work.

washi tape ideas
Wondering where to get washi tape? Try here

Washi Tape Ideas

Here is how you can get some of these pretty rolls of tapes for yourself and some even better ideas of what to use them for!

Where to find washi tape

Find them on Amazon, also they carry these in stationary stores, craft stores and even office supply stores. Other places to look for washi tape is on etsy, and also

washi tape ideas
Amazon has a wide selection to choose from

5 Ideas How to Use Washi Tape

Heidi Shaulis uses washi tape to decorate the sides of her mounted prints. Follow Heidi on instagram!

1) Use washi tape in your mixed media art

washi tape ideas
Blenda Tyvoll uses this technique too! You can collect this art at

2) Use washi tape to make Valentines Day cards!

washi tape ideas
These cheery valentines by Jessica Sporn are sealed with washi tapes. Get crafty at

3) People use washi tape in all sorts of creative ways... like doll clothes!

Make your own adorable doll clothing with Carolyn Dube at

4) My favorite washi tape usage is for decorating packages for my online art sales on etsy!

washi tape ideas
I decorate the packages for my Etsy orders with washi tape. Find out more →

5) And of course, use it in your art journal!

washi tape ideas
Marjie Kemper "weaves" washi tape into the backgrounds of her art journal. Check out this technique at
A beautiful example of using "deconstructed" washi tape to bring your art journaling to the next level by Tori Weyers.(from instagram)
washi tape ideas
and of course, I love using washi tape in my art journals... Learn my process →


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