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3 Most popular art blog posts of 2015

art journal color trends watercolor techniques

3 most popular art blog posts of 2015
As the new year dawns, I am starting to plan my blogging strategy for 2016. Part of the way I plan future blog posts is I take a look at the blog posts that were the most popular and look towards writing more blog posts on those topics. 

Not surprising, the most popular with my audience were on watercolor techniques, art journal ideas and color trends. Which was your favorite? What would you like to see from me in 2016?
Do you know the most common misconceptions
 about watercolor painting with red paint and are
 you guilty or innocent? Find out!
Are You Making These Three Mistakes in Your Watercolor Paintings?
Everyone loves a good art demonstration, especially video, 
That's why Bob Ross was so popular. →Watch me create
Black Gesso Proceso
Do you know how they predict which colors will be popular?
→ Find out
What's New with Color Trends 

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    In Case We Haven't Met Yet...

    artist Miriam Schulman in her  art studio www.schulmanart.comHello! I'm Miriam Schulman and I create mixed media art to tell stories. I also teach other people how to craft their stories with art. I give them the techniques they need to get the results they desire which brings more joy to their lives. 

    My art has been published by Somerset StudioArt of Man and the New York Times among others and collected by an international audience. When I'm not working on art in my studio, you'll find me in a museum spending time with friends or family. Explore my art at or join the fun at


    Now I want to hear from you... what would you like me to write about on this blog in 2016?

    (leave a comment or email me at

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