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Uplifting art for your sophisticated home

Nourish your home with uplifting art that sings to your spirit.

Some art collectors are looking for that perfect . . . “something,” just the right size and color to hang above the sofa.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, you understand that art is more than “décor.” You want a home filled with art and culture, and a collection that uniquely expresses your passions. Art that elevates your spirit and the spirits of all who enter your home, so they too can experience the wonder and delight of art that stirs the soul. You deserve that home – one suffused with joy, love, and sophistication. Especially in today’s chaotic, uncertain world, a welcoming sanctuary decorated with joyful art that reminds you of what truly matters is essential.

I’d love to help you create that space with uplifting art.

Hi, I’m Miriam Schulman, and I’m a mixed media artist. I also offer online art classes at When I’m not working on my paintings in my art studio or teaching my online classes, you can find me in museums, spending time with my amazing family, or watching Project Runway.

Animal art, peacock art, mixed media florals, and other artwork that brings joy, love, and sophistication into your home by exploring the collections on my website.

If you’re also an aspiring artist, I invite you to check out my online art classes at The Inspiration Place, where you can learn watercolor and mixed media techniques & more from the comfort of your own home.

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